The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce committees oversee various aspects of Chamber business and meet on a regular or occasional basis depending on the nature of the committee.

Researching, discussing and implementing communications and marketing strategies for the Chamber.

Chair: Lisa Landry
Rick Duff, Jennifer McKinnon, and Laura Melvin

Economic Development
Researching and supporting methods of and issues surrounding business in the Tri-Cities.

Chair: Paul MacDonald
Desiree Dupuis, Roger Gurr, Jennifer McKinnon, Marvin Shung, Carlo Zarrillo

Seeking and securing business education topics, speakers and opportunities for Chamber members.

Chair: Mary Vellani
Cecilia de Roca-Chan

Supporting Chamber members and discussing ideas and issues regarding membership.

Chair: Shannon Mitchell
Catherine Ackerman, Celia Chiang, Trish Mandewo


Standing committee of the Board with executive authority over public policy at the Chamber.

Chair: Randy Webster

Catherine Ackerman, Daniel Richardson, Carlo Zarrillo