9 Tips to Improve Your Networking Skills

  1. Pre-event: Set strategic goals (number of people to network with, feedback on incorporating a new aspect into your business, for example, launching a blog)
  2. Pre-event: Perfect your elevator pitch *bonus* incorporate your personality into your pitch
  3. Approach at least 1 person you don’t know without an introduction
  4. Listen and be truly engaged
  5. Keep a few questions in your back pocket for that awkward silence
    1. How did you find out about this event?
    2. What’s your favourite part of this event?
    3. How did you hear about this event?
  6. Elaborate on your answers with personal anecdotes
  7. Share authentic stories about your struggles rather than accomplishments
  8. Ask genuine questions
  9. Make introductions

Now put these skills into action at the 2016 Business Showcase on October 18 at the Executive Plaza Hotel Coquitlam.