The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce committees oversee various aspects of Chamber business and meet on a regular or occasional basis depending on the nature of the committee.

Researching, discussing and implementing communications and marketing strategies for the Chamber.

Chair: Lisa Landry
Jennifer McKinnon, and Laura Melvin

Economic Development
Researching and supporting methods of and issues surrounding business in the Tri-Cities.

Carlo Zarrillo, Desiree Dupuis, Cristina Pereira, Al Mattrick, Catherine Williams, Ravinder Safaya

Seeking and securing business education topics, speakers, and opportunities for Chamber members.

Chair: Mary Vellani
Cecilia de Roca-Chan, Roger Gurr, Jung Hi Hong, Seham Merali, Paul Zelinski

Planning and organizing the Tri-Cities Chamber eight signature events. 

Chair: Rick Duff
Celia Chiang, Lindsay Viscount, Nicole Majorkiewicz, Reena Venkatesh

Oversees the financial status of the organization.

Chair: Cecilia de Roca-Chan
Randy Webster, Stephanie Booth, Trevor Sutherland

Oversees the organizational structure of the organization.

Chair: Daniel Richardson
Carlo Zarrillo, Carol Metz Murray

Supporting Chamber members and discussing ideas and issues regarding membership.

Chair: Shannon Mitchell
Graeme Hankey, Cathy Cena


Standing committee of the Board with executive authority over public policy at the Chamber.

Chair: Randy Webster
Daniel Richardson, Stephanie Booth, Justin Levine, Peter Kobayashi, Joseph Crivici, Jason Jakubec, Kevin Richter, Paul Slaymaker

Young Professionals

Guides the direction of the Tri-Cities Young Professionals program.

Brendan Perry, Dakota Giesbrecht, Jenifer Wright, Justin Levine, Harry Dhaliwal, Sarah Ribarits, and Tara Lee

Women in Business

Advocating, motivating, strengthening, encouraging, and developing female talent and leadership in the organization.

Chair: Jennifer McKinnon
Mary Vellani, Catherine Coakley, Catherine Polonio, Diane Skidmore, Julie Fisher, Lora Covinha, Shelley Linn, Tereza McDermid, and Theresa Blancaflor