The Chamber has a civic duty to help inform voters when they mark their ballots on election day. Our job is to provide a format where voters can learn where candidates stand on business issues in their community. After all, the Chamber believes that strong business creates strong communities. Rather than keep a format that has our candidates repeating taglines from their campaign literature, we’re changing our All Candidates Meetings to All Candidates Debates. Our new format is expected to achieve two goals:

1. To require candidates to meaningfully defend their platforms. The debate format will allow candidates to defend their platforms from criticism and to highlight their knowledge when it comes to creating policy.

2. To see how our candidates will work with others. We’ve added a ‘resolution’ portion to the night where votes will see how their candidates are able to negotiate and find common ground with their opponents. We want to see candidates create the best possible policy for our community. Only candidates seeking councilor or trustee seats will be involved in this portion of the event.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your municipal candidates and their plans for your community. Find an All Candidates Debate near you:

November 3 | Port Moody Candidates
Inlet Theatre, 100 Newport Dr, Port Moody
7 PM to 9 PM

November 4 | Port Coquitlam Candidates
Poco Inn & Suites, 1545 Lougheed Hwy, Port Coquitlam
7 PM to 9 PM

November 5 | School Trustee Candidates
Terry Fox Theatre, 1260 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam
7 PM to 9 PM

November 6 | Coquitlam Candidates
Evergreen Cultural Centre, 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam
7 PM to 9 PM

We’re excited to announce that we will be including an online component to our All Candidates Debates. Not only will we be webcasting the debates live for those who cannot attend in person at, both attendees and those watching from home will be able to submit their questions online in four easy steps:

1.       Go to and enter event code ‘chamber

2.       Choose your meeting from the menu

3.       Type your question for your candidates in the text box

4.       Vote for your question and other questions by clicking the triangle

A special thank you

We’d like to extend a special thank you to the candidates who attended our Candidate School on Business on October 18th. This event gave local businesses the opportunity to speak face-to-face with the candidates and share their business issues and concerns.

Thank you to:

Coquitlam Candidates – Mark Mahovlich (M), Richard Stewart (M), Brent Asmundson, Ben Craig, Craig Hodge, Massimo Mandarino, Dennis Marsden, Shobha Nair, Terry O’Neill, Mae Reid, Andy Shen, Teri Towner, Jack Trumley, Chris Wilson, Bonita Zarrillo

Port Coquitlam Candidates – Greg Moore (M), Sherry Carroll, Erhan Demirkaya, Laura Dupont, Mike Forrest, Riyaz Lakhani, Wayne Marklund, Nancy McCurrach, Glenn Pollock, Dean Washington, Brad West

Port Moody Candidates – Mike Clay (M), Gaetan Royer (M), Cathy Cena, Diana Dilworth, Rick Glumac, Anne Ladouceur, Zoe Royer, Robert Vagramov, Charlie Loo (School Trustee Candidate)

Michael Hind, Executive Director
Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce