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Tailoring and seam stressing is an art. The process is studied and learned with years of experience through trial and error. People in this profession are usually experienced in men or women clothing and sometimes both. A tailor or seamstress can look at a suit or dress and know exactly where it needs to be taken or let out to fit your body. Your body are the key words to having an outfit tailored to perfection.

Men, do you dislike shopping? Don’t waste money on a new look, instead, revamp your old suit. You can get them tailored for today’s style, an experienced tailor would be able to perform the task. Removing the front pleats on your pants, narrowing the lapel, take the “boxy” look away of your suit jacket and replacing the lining are some examples of the updates that can be done. No need to dispose of it.

For some men, buying a suit can be a nightmare. Use these tips when looking for a new suit

1.   Before leaving the change room, stand with your arm straight against your body, now lean with your shoulder and arm against the wall. If you see that your jacket buckles up or moves towards your neckline this is an indication that your jacket may be too big for you, ask for a smaller size.

2.   Narrowing shoulders can be a major tailoring cost. To ensure the right fit, you should be able to hold your jacket hem in the palm of your hand with fingers curled inward. If the hem fits in the palm of your hand it’s the perfect length.

3.   Your suit jacket should not buckle near the neckline. If one side of your jacket fits better then the other, this can be modified by slipping in a shoulder pad, voila, perfect fit.

4.   How about the pants? Once you have the pants on, check to see if there is any loose material on your derriere. The waist and seat often need to be taken-in and is not a major cost. Hemming goes with your own personal style. Do you like it buckling up in the front? Do you like the shorter version where you see your ankles? How do you like your pant legs? Skinny? Narrower? All pants can be altered to the hem you prefer.

Buying clothes today can leave you frustrated with the sizes. You buy two identical tops in medium size, one will fit perfectly and the other is too tight. Why? In today’s market, clothes are being manufactured FAST. Stacks of material are piled, a pattern template is laid down and a huge electric scissors cut around the template. By the time the bottom material is cut, the scissors have cut into a slant leaving the bottom material smaller than the top layer. The manufacturers still classify the bottom shirt as a medium, even though it is drastically smaller. It is key to try everything on before purchasing.

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