Ambassador | Debra Abraham

Debra Abraham is the founder and Executive Director of Unique Get Together Society (UGTS).

She is passionate about Ambassador - Debra Abrahammaking a difference in the lives of others. As a mother of six, Debra is no stranger to the demands of raising a family (at the best of times) and knows first-hand how difficult that can be without any support. Her goal with UGTS is to help families by offering support and services to take the stress and burden out of the day-to-day activities, while providing programming that focusses on their child’s needs and abilities versus their so-called ‘disabilities.

Debra joined chamber as a way of promoting Unique Get Together Society but quickly realized the Chamber is not a place for just business. Instead, it’s a place of forming relationships and friendships, and, in doing so we create community. Debra joined the Chamber Ambassador team to give back to the Tri-Cities community.

Debra Abraham
Unique Get Together Society