Ambassador | Judith Castillo

I am a determined professional who specializes in helping others! I do this both through my teaching Spanish and through my cleaning business. Both businesses have the common goal of helping other people enjoy their lives. I also participate in numerous activities, groups, and committees because I believe in supporting each other, as people and as entrepreneurs.Judith Castillo, Tri-Cities Cleaning Services

Benefits of hiring Tri-Cities Cleaning Services are that we will save you time, money, and stress. Particularly through my cleaning services, I give you the freedom to spend your time doing other things you want! I am proactive, I negotiate, and I work hard to solve problems. I am always working to support my peers and to nurture relationships through my experience and leadership.

I also strongly believe in giving business-to-business referrals and that word of mouth is the most important referral source there is!

Judith Castillo
Tri-Cities Cleaning Services