Ambassador | Reena Venkatesh

As an Interior Designer, Reena Venkatesh runs her design firm Seasonal Leaf Designs.  She transforms unique residential or commercial space to make it functional, organized and aesthetically pleasing with style, proportion, and color. Reena works with great trades people who are very good at their jobs, they work hard together to give to their clients a beautifully transformed space.
Reena and Seasonal Leaf Designs bring to the table a wealth of experience having worked with a diverse range of residential and commercial clients and other designers. She has the ability to listen to her clients, to establish deep, trusting relationships with them, understand them and to interpret their words into a compelling vision that I turn into an environment that feels right.
Reena’s involvement with the Tri-Cities Chamber is to make her mark in the socio-economic scenario of the Tri-Cities as well as build and nurture great relationships with individuals who are also entrepreneurs. As an Ambassador for the Tri-Cities Chamber, she is thrilled to look forward, to lead by example, guide new members to show them the value of membership and be a team member with my fellow Ambassadors.
Reena Venkatesh
Seasonal Leaf Designs