Natu’oil Services Inc.

Natu’oil’s is the premier supplier of edible oils and feed energy supplements, the largest importer of packaged palm oil and energy supplements, and was the first company to introduce sustainable refined palm oil in North America.

By introducing refined palm oil to farmers in North America, Natu’oil was able to make its clients 10 times more productive per hectare than other oil crops. Palm oil is naturally free of trans fat, non-GMO and cholesterol-free; its high oxidative stability can help extend the shelf life of finished products; and it has the highest yield and best energy efficiency ratio of any vegetable oil crop in the world, helping to meet the energy requirements of over 3 billion people.

Headquartered in Port Coquitlam, with affiliate companies in Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, and India, the company brings in over $100,000,000 annually. Natu’oil is committed to corporate responsibility while producing the highest quality products and delivering excellent customer service.

Natu’oil strongly believes in supporting both the local community as well as communities abroad. The culture of caring was present from the day it began operations. The company supports and donates to the following causes, The Terry Fox Foundation, Miracle Connections (support services for the Bhutanese-Canadian community), SHARE Family and Community Services Society Food Bank, Eagle Ridge Hospital, and the Power of Hope music program for incarcerated youth.

Jamil Jaffer

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