Taste of the Tri-Cities

The Takeaway on Take-Out Orders

As one of the most affected areas by the ongoing pandemic, it is more important now, than ever before, to continue to support businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industries. This is where Taste of the Tri-Cities comes in, as you can take advantage of some spectacular specials, all while supporting local eateries in the […]

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Ale You Need to Know: Tri-Cities Breweries and Pubs

As places to delight in ice-cold drinks, delicious food, and even better company, breweries and pubs are often favourite places for diners to frequent. Whether you’re in the mood to try some of the best craft beer that the Tri-Cities have on offer, or you’re looking to feast on some delicious barbeque or tasty pub […]

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Savour the Taste of Mexico

Enjoy the authentic flavours of Mexico, right in your very own backyard! Whether you’re craving Mexican street fare,  or you’re searching for a  restaurant that serves up authentic Mexican dishes and recipes, Taste of the Tri-Cities has everything that you’re looking for, and more. Taste the freshness and savour the vibrant flavours for yourself, by […]

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