Chamber Supports Vision for Riverview Lands


Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Supports Visioning Process for Riverview Lands

(TRI-CITIES) October 8, 2013 – The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce has long been focused on the future of the Riverview lands and how the site can be utilized as both a hub for mental health and wellness and an economic driver within the Tri-Cities.  A release issued on October 7th by the B.C. Government introduced a visioning process for the lands that complements the Chamber’s vision of a preserved and profitable Riverview site.

The Province’s visioning process will begin by consulting key stakeholders to establish a shared vision, which will guide the broader public consultations that begin in 2014.  A number of overarching principles will be considered during this process including:

  • All costs associated with future use such as heritage building restoration, infrastructure upgrades and improvements, community amenities etc. must come from revenue generated from the property.
  • A commitment to maintain as much open space as exists now.
  • An accommodation of First Nation aspirations.

According to the release, the long-term objective of the visioning process is to develop a master plan for the land that balances community interests, government requirements and economic sustainability.  This objective is in line with the Chamber’s vision for a Riverview site that boasts mental and physical health services as well as revenue-generating services.

“We are thrilled to see the Province take this logical next step. Our Chamber has been a champion at the Provincial level for utilizing this site for healthcare, wellness and community services since 2005 when we successfully incorporated our position into policy at the BC Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to being included in the dialogue with the Province.”
– Dennis Marsden and Richard Rainey, Co-Chairs of the Tri-Cities Chamber Policy Committee

The Tri-Cities Chamber is pleased to see the B.C. government recognize the potential economic significance of the Riverview lands and looks forward to working with provincial representatives and key stakeholders in bringing this vision to fruition.



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