February 20 to 24 is Chamber of Commerce Week! A week to recognize the role of chambers of commerce and boards of trade play in supporting local economies.

The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce works to connect, educate and advocate for local businesses. Comprised of businesses, professionals and other community groups, we work together to ensure a healthy economy and community. As the voice of business in the Tri-Cities, we represent businesses in Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam spanning a variety of industries, specialties, and interests.

We are moving forward with fresh ideas and a genuine excitement for where we are going as an organization. The Chamber strives to have a focus on policy that supports local businesses, be a visible and approachable presence in the community, and ensure that the value of membership is the best investment businesses can make.

In the past 12 months, we have launched

As well, we hosted 84 events, connecting over 6000 professionals in the Tri-Cities. This includes the 350+ attendees that stopped by at the first-ever Business Showcase. As well, we completely reformatted the Christmas Luncheon and doubled attendance. And finally, we look forward to our office move, happening next week!

The Chamber would not be as successful as we are without the support of our membership and the local community. We are governed by our Board of Directors, made up of 14 individuals that set the pace of the Chamber. We are supported by 19 Ambassadors that welcome our new members with open arms. We are operated day-to-day by 8 individuals that bring our committees’ ideas come to life!

Thank you to all of our volunteers and members for your continued support.