Community Fire Prevention

Finalist: Business of the Year (11-30 Employees)

Community Fire Prevention has continued to grow its business year after year through hard work and community involvement. This expansion has enabled Community Fire to create additional full-time employment opportunities for local residents, expansion of building square footage and an opportunity to intern give back to the community through local charities and fundraisers.

Community Fire is also an innovative leader in its own industry, and has recently expanded its list of services to include a full service electrical, mechanical and emergency preparedness division under its umbrella. Community Fire has established itself not only as a professional company with its clients but with local AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) who trust, rely and value Community Fire’s commitment to local safety.

Community Fire Prevention prides themselves in adding additional full time jobs to help support the local families of the Tri-Cities. We are constantly participating in local charity events; Honour House British Columbia, Canucks for Kids, etc.

Community Fire Prevention makes a conscious effort to “Shop Chamber” and support other local business when looking to make corporate purchases or enroll in financial /insurance programs. Community Fire gives back to the local community through fundraising programs, sponsorships, donations and volunteering. We are currently heavily involved in supporting Honour House “A home away from home” for BC Military and Fire Responders

Community Fire has created evening training sessions for local families for emergency preparedness training, first aid and infant and child CPR trying to better ready the community for any upcoming disasters or emergency incidents.