COQUITLAM, DECEMBER 17, 2015 — Today, BC Housing released a visioning document for the Riverview Lands in Coquitlam, entitled A Vision for Renewing Riverview. The Chamber is pleased with the five key themes of the vision: mental health and substance-use care; heritage and environment; a complete community; housing; and economic development.

“The themes outlined in this vision are in perfect alignment with the Guiding Principles that our subcommittee released last year,” said Chamber CEO, Michael Hind. “Our subcommittee met for over a year to discuss what the Chamber’s vision of Riverview looks like, and this report definitely reflects those discussions.”

As a first step, the Province announced that three programs will be relocated from the Willingdon Lands in Burnaby to the Riverview Lands. With this relocation comes $175 million in funding to construct new buildings.

“This kind of development is exactly what the Chamber was hoping to see,” said 2016 Board Chair, Gillian Kirk. “Mental health treatment has deep roots in our community and we are pleased to see investment in this area.”

The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce presented a policy position paper to the BC Chamber of Commerce in 2014 on the economic importance of a robust mental health care system. The BC Chamber membership adopted the position unanimously.

“We definitely look forward to participating in the further visioning of the lands,” says Hind. “We are ready to work with BC Housing and the Kwikwetlem Nation to make sure that the future plans for Riverview improve our community’s health, well-being, and economy.”

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