Coquitlam Firefighters Charitable Society

Finalist: Not-For Profit Of the Year

The Coquitlam Firefighters Charitable Society should be selected for Not-For-Profit of the year because they are a community focused charity that continues to grow and have greater impact on the vulnerable in our city.

One example of this is the nutritional snack program. It is a healthy breakfast and snack program for children in school that are undernourished. This program began with one Coquitlam school and has now grown to three schools, providing over 10,000 meals and snacks last year alone. It is completely funded by the Society. The Society operates entirely on volunteer manpower with no paid staff.

Coquitlam Firefighters Charitable Society distributed $30,000 in relief to victims of the Cottonwood Fire in 2016, raised $19,000 to fight muscular dystrophy in 2016 and continue to provide over 10,000 health meals and snacks for hungry children.

The essence of the Society is to contribute to the community (their mantra is, “into our community”) and that is demonstrated by every initiative and event they take on. Sustainability and growth are both achieved by such efforts as grant proposal writing which seeks to access new sources of income. Another source of growth and relationship building is the annual Gala which has become more streamlined and profitable over each of its three years.