Coquitlam Florist, Catherine Polonio

Finalist: Community Spirit

Catherine is a self-taught entrepreneur with a tremendous community spirit and an amazing commitment to her community. She has succeeded in keeping one of the Tri-Cities’ oldest retail business vibrant in the face of huge changes. Catherine is a true leader, in the sense that she is always ready to lend a hand to help out with community events and organizations that she supports (we all know and love the “candy table” at our golf tournaments!). Her recent relocation within Port Coquitlam (while recoverning from shoulder surgery, nonetheless) was a shining example of someone who truly appreciates what it means to be a local business owner. And she always has a smile on her face.

Catherine is proud to showcase her 68 year old legendary business growing and vibrant as ever. Catherine also is a selfless contributor to all the local businesses and community events, she is renowned for her customer service & positive attitude.

This almost goes without saying. Everybody knows Catherine either through her business, or because she is truly one of the “go to” business leaders who is, it seems, always there helping out at an event. Catherine is also currently a director of the Port Coquitlam Downtown BIA, and Access Youth Outreach. But in my view, what says the most about Catherine’s community spirit was the efforts that she has gone to to keep her business (which has been a fixture in the Tri-Cities since 1949) in the Tri-Cities.