Explore the global flavours that make the Tri-Cities delicious by participating in Taste of the Tri-Cities.

With the current restrictions in place, there are a lot of individuals who miss the thrill that comes with traveling. However, while we do have to abide by the rules and stay local right now, your tastebuds can still do some of the travelling for you!

Let your palate escape to far-off places and enjoy a wide variety of culinary options right here in the Tri-Cities. From flavourful Filipino fare to aromatic Indian dishes, from vibrant Mexican eats to oishii Japanese delicacies, and much more,  there are restaurants representing every corner of the world and they’re calling your name.

The incredibly diverse selection of restaurants in the Tri-Cities reflects our multicultural background, and there are countless delectable cuisines to enjoy.

Dine around the world with Taste of the Tri-Cities. Discover exciting new dishes, or relive mouthwatering memories from past travels, and let your tastebuds tour the world, all while supporting the local restaurants in our community.


Jamila’s Kitchen & Grill


Jamila’s Kitchen & Grill is a dream borne from the mind and heart of Jamila, a passionate chef of Afghan descent who escaped Afghanistan with her family during civil war, and relocated to Karachi, Pakistan, where she worked as a chef.

After working in Pakistan for many years, absorbing the culture through language, art, and cuisine, Jamila migrated to Canada where she created Jamila’s as a hub for diverse cultures to always feel great and welcomed.

With a fusion approach to cooking, Jamila’s combines ethnic food from various cuisines such as Afghan, Greek, Indian, and Indo-Chinese.

Experience something special when you dine at Jamila’s for the first time.

For Taste of the Tri-Cities, Jamila’s is offering a special set menu.

Diners can now enjoy a Jamila’s Souvlaki Meal, which includes a flame-grilled chicken skewer, beef skewer, and prawn skewer, paired with rice pilaf, roast potatoes, salad, tzatziki dip, and pita bread, for $23.99.

Integrating local and organic food into the menu, Jamila’s Kitchen loves to serve and give back to the Tri-Cities community, and they’re waiting to welcome you through their doors.


#103–2733 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam | 604.464.1000 | jamilas.ca
Reference “Jamila’s Souvlaki Meal” when ordering.



KOKORO Tokyo Mazesoba – Lougheed


Originally established in Tokyo, Japan by Japanese Chef Takuma Ishikawa in 2013, KOKORO Tokyo Mazesoba soon grew to become extremely popular throughout Japan and was recognized with the Best 2014 Mazesoba Award in Japan.

Growing globally, KOKORO has expanded its chain of restaurants to Canada, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

What is mazesoba, you may ask? Mazesoba is literally translated as mixed noodle ramen without soup, paired with spicy hot minced pork, raw egg yolk, seaweed, chashu, green onion, bamboo shoot, minced garlic, and more on top.

KOKORO makes all of their soba noodles in-house daily using multi-grain flour and Japanese technology to soften the water.

Indulge in a perfect bowl of Mazesoba by visiting KOKORO for their Taste of Tri-Cities set menu.

Choose from two delicious options available:

  • Set Menu Option 1
    • Zenbu Mazesoba
    • Chicken Karaage
    • Fuji Cheese Cup Cake
  • Set Menu Option 2
    • Mentaiko Cream Mazesoba
    • Kara Karaage
    • Fuji Cheese Cup Cake

Over the years, many have tried to imitate the taste of KOKORO’s mazesoba, but nothing tastes as good as the origin of mazesoba by Chef Takuma.

Taste the difference for yourself and see what makes KOKORO so special by joining them for Taste of the Tri-Cities.

109-531 North Rd, Coquitlam | 604.917.0719 | menyakokoro.com
Reference “Dine Out Menu” when ordering.



Kulinarya Filipino Eatery


With a goal of serving fresh food in a fun, homey atmosphere, Kulinarya Filipino Eatery was born to cater to Filipinos yearning for traditional Filipino food, and for non-Filipinos to sample the wide variety of Filipino cuisine that they’re very proud of.

Staying away from the typical turo-turo (fast-food) style that most Filipino restaurants do, Kulinarya’s philosophy has always been to keep their cooking technique Pinoy, while using fresh meat and vegetables available locally.

Enjoy an amazing Filipino culinary experience with Kulinarya by tasting one unique Taste of the Tri-Cities combos.

Choose between three yummy combo options available:

  • Chicken Adobo Combo – $20
    • Chicken adobo, lechon kawali (pork belly), crunchy veggie roll
  • Pork BBQ Combo – $20
    • Two pork BBQ skewers, 3 lumpiang Shanghai, rice noodles (pancit bijon)
  • Breakfast for Lunch or Dinner Combo – $18
    • Longganisa (sweet Filipino sausages), fried baby milkfish, crispy dried fish

Visit Kulinarya for their authentic Filipino fare and fall in love with their delicious menu selection, the quaint interior, and their friendly service.


114-2922 Glen Dr, Coquitlam | 778.285.6577 | kulinarya.ca
Reference “Kulinarya Taste of Tri-Cities Menu” when ordering.



Nagano Japanese Restaurant


Nagano Japanese Restaurant proudly servers authentic Japanese dishes to the Tri-Cities community.

Using only the best and freshest ingredients, Nagano follows the Japanese culture of excellence and pays close attention to every single little detail.

Offering a unique culinary experience to guests, with the restaurant located only a few minutes away from Coquitlam Centre, Nagano is well-known as a community favourite, and go-to restaurant, for Japanese cuisine.

For Taste of the Tri-Cities, enjoy their popular unique Omakase Special for $44.99.

With “omakase” roughly translating into “I leave it up to you,” place your trust into the Chef’s hands when you order the Omakase Special.

Take the guesswork out of meal planning and let Nagano’s experienced Japanese Chefs arrange your dining experience for you.


2918 Glen Dr, Coquitlam | 604.468.2133 | www.naganosushi.co
Reference “Chef’s Choice” when ordering.



Rio Brazilian Steakhouse


At Rio Brazilian Steakhouse you’ll experience churrasco, the authentic and unique Brazilian barbeque experience.

A heaven for any meat lover, Rio Brazilian serves an extraordinarily wide selection of meats of the finest cuts, with fresh and modern choices of hot sides and salads, creating a gluten-free paradise.

With an all-you-can-eat concept, Rio Brazilian offers a continuous service of meats carved tableside, specially prepared with their one-of-a-kind BBQ.

For Taste of the Tri-Cities, Rio Brazilian Steakhouse is offering a mouthwatering, all-you-can-eat, dinner experience:

Choose between two options, depending on whether you’re dining alone or with someone else:

  • All-You-Can-Eat Dinner Experience for One – $49
    • Includes all you can eat BBQ, one cocktail of choice, and a dessert
  • All-You-Can-Eat Dinner Experience for Two – $95
    • Includes all you can eat BBQ, two cocktails of your choice, and a dessert to share

Serving up beef, chicken, lamb, pork, ribs, and more, with daily chef creations made to please, Rio Brazilian is the perfect choice for any meat lover and provides an Atkins and keto-friendly dining option. Experience authentic Brazilian barbeque and plan a visit to Rio Brazilian, one of the best Brazilian steakhouses in the lower mainland, today.


2729 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam | 604.941.9969 | riobraziliansteakhouse.ca
Reference “All-Included Dinner Experience” when ordering.



Caravan Authentic Café & Restaurant


When it comes to authentic Turkish-Persian food, there’s no place like Caravan Authentic Café & Restaurant.

With friendly staff, Caravan serves great homemade-style Persian food, paired with the cozy and relaxing atmosphere of their restaurant that only makes the food that much better.

During Taste of the Tri-Cities, whether you’re dining in, ordering take-out, or you keep going back for more, enjoy 10% off everything.

Caravan also offers vegan and vegetarian options, and are also more than willing to talk about how they make their dishes.

Enjoy their delicious menu, made up of exotic flavours that will dance in your mouth, and spice up your week with a twist by dining at Caravan.

There’s no better time than now to explore Caravan’s unique menu and discover a new favourite.


3-2755 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam | 604.942.2088 | cafecaravan.ca
Reference “Taste of the Tri-Cities” when ordering.



PHỞ Holiday Vietnamese Grill & Noodle Soup House


PHỞ Holiday Vietnamese Grill & Noodle Soup House is a well-established restaurant in Coquitlam serving up authentic Vietnamese cuisine and PHỞ.

If you’ve ever wanted to taste truly authentic Vietnamese cuisine, now is the perfect time to visit PHỞ Holiday.

With Taste of the Tri-Cities, you can enjoy 10% off all take-out orders.

At PHỞ Holiday, only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients are used in cooking.

No matter when you go, whether it’s for lunch, brunch, or dinner, PHỞ Holiday is there to welcome you with their friendly service and fresh tasty dishes.


1054 Austin Ave, Coquitlam | 604.931.2646 | phoholiday.com
Reference “Taste of the Tri-Cities” when ordering.