Editorial | Policy: Stay Engaged & Informed

After a long, cold, snowy winter, spring has finally arrived. There’s no better place on the planet than BC, and in particular, the Tri-Cities. We are lucky to live where we do. But, it has become far too expensive for our customers, employees, vendors and in many cases, ourselves. Very few would feel that the Lower Mainland is becoming more affordable, and a more attractive place to invest in existing businesses, or new ventures. In an effort to improve affordability, we’ve seen a number of policies over the last number of years under all levels of government that puts pressure on businesses to solve. There is no more important time to be part of a collective voice than when economic pressures arise from Government policies.

As a Chamber, we are working hard on your behalf, but we need your help. First, stay engaged. Tell us how a tax, a regulatory change, or general bureaucratic red tape affects your ability to remain profitable/viable, provide your employees with raises and benefits, and most importantly, to remain competitive on a global scale. If our elected officials hear enough of these stories, as a collective, they will
listen. Share your opinion through MindReader, an online survey platform, sign up here.

Second, stay informed. We have a number of different educational opportunities, from events to simple newsletters. We ask you to attend the events, when possible and to read the newsletters. Sign up for our biweekly email updates, Chamber Chat and our quarterly Policy Updates on our website. Those newsletters often come with a call-to-action to participate in public consultation.

Third, build the network. If there are businesses or professionals you know who are struggling under the weight of increased costs (direct and indirect), then introduce them to the Chamber. Our voice only gets louder the more of us there are. Join the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce at tricitieschamber.com.

In an effort to raise more money for politically expedient projects and programs, governments are increasingly turning to businesses. Unfortunately, the outcomes are less profitable businesses, lower
levels of good paying jobs, fewer services for society, and ultimately, worsening affordability for all of us. Please help the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce be the voice for you, your employees, your
customers, and our community, participate in the conversation.


Randy Webster
2019 Chair