Editorial | The Power of the Chamber Network

A Chamber of Commerce has a multitude of functions within its community. Notable functions include helping visitors to the area by providing information and guidance, assisting businesses in growing and connecting with others, providing education to businesses, and finally, advocating on behalf of the local business community to all levels of government. Our goal is to promote and protect the interests of businesses located in the Tri-Cities.

The most important service we provide to our community is the advocacy work we do behind the scenes. We work with various levels of government to advocate on business issues that matter to you. But, we can’t do it alone. We need your input to push our efforts forward. Help us advocate on the issues that are most important to you by signing up for MindReader, an insight community that provides rich data on business issues. Visit www.bcmindreader.com to sign up and get involved in your business community.

Beyond our business community, we work with the BC Chamber of Commerce and network to bring policies forward that benefit businesses across the province. Recently, the BC Chamber network representing 125 chambers and boards of trades from across the province gathered in Burnaby for the BC Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting. Over 70 policy resolutions were brought to the table and a record 33 policies were voted to go forward.

Passed policy resolutions of note include:

  • Amending the Property Assessment Process
  • Sustainable and Purpose-Built Rental Housing
  • Tax Reform
  • Reduce Single-Use Plastics

Once the 2018/2019 resolution manual is completed, it will be forwarded to every MLA. This informs our local politicians with what the BC business community’s position is on various topics.

This year, we will be meeting with representatives from the government in meetings across BC to discuss the resolutions face-to-face and in great detail. This is the first time this depth of consultation has occurred in my time with the Chamber and is an enormously positive development.

We continue to work diligently with all levels of government on the issues that businesses of all sizes face. You can find more information about our past, current, and future projects here.