Deanna LoTerzo

Does the prospect of change create overwhelming fear and distress for you? Or does it create an  exhilarating surge of anticipation?

You have a choice. When we choose fear as our response, the consequences are typically self- destructive, unless, of course it is a genuine ‘fight or flight’ situation. Living in fear generates a sense of being ‘small’ and out of control. In that state of mind, and emotion, we can become susceptible to the control and manipulation of others. Fear causes stagnation, disappointment, confusion and helplessness – and begets even more fear.

Look around. Our present-day reality is that ‘life is change’. We are living in times of profound technological advancement, the capability to connect to people across the globe with only a few clicks, new discoveries in both quantum and neuroscience that have forever changed our perspective towards health and wellbeing, and ongoing political and economic upheaval. And yet – we continue to adapt and respond, because it is in our very nature to do so.

From the moment we are born we become responsive to both our internal and external environments. As infants, we respond instinctively to our mothers’ proximity and her voice – we hear it, are comforted by it, and feel safe. We begin our experimentation with the potential benefits of open communication immediately when our needs are not being met! Not only do we adapt, we become creative in our efforts to ‘manipulate’ the outcomes.

We learn to categorize features and acclimatize to a shifting landscape. The sheer excitement with which we approach the transition from crawling to walking independently, is a joy to watch! We ache to explore what’s beyond – to touch it, feel it, talk to it, and probe – always pushing, testing the boundaries of our ever-expanding capacities. Everyday life becomes a new adventure, curiosities are satisfied, and momentous milestones are met and overcome – with increasing self-confidence! Always asking…”what’s next?”

Our creativity, curiosity, enthusiasm, spontaneity, determination, self-confidence and sense of fun, are all aspects of an inherent wisdom. When allowed to flourish, we each have the capacity to live productive, interesting and rewarding lives, respond intuitively to the demands of daily life, and to achieve success.

In truth, change is the only way forward, although sometimes, at the outset, it may not appear so. It may present at the ‘wrong’ time, be on a grander scale than you think you can cope with, may result from a surprise or a shock, or, may be expected but unquestionably unwelcome.

Whatever the circumstance, you have a choice in how to respond. Retreating to a place of fear is not the ideal choice – it merely serves to slow your progress. Acceptance of the new reality is a reasonable starting point. A quiet, or even optimistic, curiosity would be preferred. Even better would be a sense of excitement about the potential of forward momentum, accompanied by the kind of creative thinking that will produce only the best potential outcomes.

Remember that you have a lifetime of adaptive experience supporting you. So, when change is looming, take the chance – embrace it, and live as the person you were born to be!
Deanna LoTerzo – Life Coach

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