Not-for-Profit of the Year

Immigrant Link Centre Society

Nominees in the Not-For-Profit of the Year category are organizations that have made an outstanding contribution to the Tri-Cities’ communities. With a reputation for excellence, integrity, honesty, and generosity, these organizations have made a significant positive impact on local residents and businesses by delivering exceptional programs and services.

Sponsored by Coquitlam Centre
Last Year’s Recipient: New View Society

Immigrant Link Centre Society (Charity) has been officially in existence since July 2016. The original idea was born in Vanier Centre, English as a second language school, in Coquitlam when we watched a documentary about food waste in Vancouver.

ILCS volunteers came from 4 continents and over 15 countries with one common goal which is to give back to the local community for living in Canada. We are all in one of the most important mission nowadays, and that is to prevent food waste as much as possible. Not only do we save resources, energy and time, we also return money to the economy instead of being thrown through still edible food. By donating free food to people, we are helping our nature to be less polluted too.

Food donations are coming through grocery chain stores. ILCS has made connection with Save-on-Foods, Fresh St Market, IGA, and Thrifty Foods stores and started to collect food which was close to best before or one day old. Food donations are including fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy and deli products, breads and bakery goods. The collected food has been sorted in boxes by volunteers and delivered to less fortunate families, according to their needs and their requests.

At first, we delivered food to students, 30 families, in Vanier Centre once a week.

During the past few years, demanding for food become bigger and bigger, so we expanded our program from one day per week to seven days per week in 21 different locations in Tri-City, North Shore, Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Maple Ridge.

ILCS is distributing in Tri-City over 250 tons of food value of $ 2,000,000. In this way, we are feeding over 2500 less fortunate people per months.

In addition to the free food, the “Win-Win” Free Food project has a big impact on saving environment and reducing Methane emission that is 25 times worse than Carbon Dioxide. Not only are we helping people and saving environment, but also we are providing volunteer opportunities for people who are living in the sites and training them how to sort, distribute and save the food and become valuable part of community.

Our goal is to increase number of our beneficiaries, improving access to safe and healthy foods for Canadians at risk of food insecurity and to provide them access to affordable and nutritious food choices.