Business of the Year (11-30 Employees) Finalists

The Business of the Year (11-30 employees) Award is for Tri-Cities businesses that have demonstrated an outstanding level of business performance, innovation, and community service.


  • Demonstrates an exceptional level of leadership and is regarded as a leader in its industry.
  • Demonstrates excellence in performance as evidenced by longevity, retention, financial growth, and reputation (please provide documentation if at all possible).
  • Innovative based on the unique product and/or service it provides to the Tri-Cities including exceptional customer service and satisfaction, and community services.
  • Demonstrates a positive social conscience by utilizing its resources to improve its community through events & initiatives, support of local not-for-profits, and reducing its environmental impact.
  • Has an overall positive impact on the Tri-Cities and makes the community a better place to live and work.

2017 Winner: Moody Ales

Spacca Napoli

For over a thousand years the peasants of Naples, Italy, who lived mostly off of bread and little else, were the first to add tomatoes to their focaccia bread rounds. Pizza as we know it appears for the first time around 1750. Today, more than 5 billion pizzas are consumed globally each year. So we could not help but dedicate our pizzeria to the city it was born in. More specifically, giving it the name that represents the street at the heart of this wonderful city “SpaccaNapoli”.

The family behind Port Moody’s Spacca Napoli moved here from Italy only a few years ago; they are two brothers, Giovanni and Marco Cresciullo, together with Naomi Nassisi (Giovanni’s Wife).

The dedication for building a true Neapolitan Pizzeria was realized when they saw the same passion in its partners Davide Di Giovanni, Danny, and Paolo Pero. In fact, they are all related in some way and are connected by the Italian blood that runs through their veins. The family is really proud to be part of the Tri-Cities community and look forward to sharing the taste of our homeland.

The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre

The Giggle Dam is a unique place full of unique people. The theatre/restaurant opened in 2001 by two performers from the Maz & Me’s theatre that was a figure in Poco since 1988. Mark Friebe and his wife Sheila Sharma opened the doors of the Giggle Dam in the hopes that they could do what they loved, have a ‘normal’ life and be part of a community where they could raise their kids one day.

Fast forward to 2017 and the Giggle Dam is alive and well. Part of the reason for this is that a number of years ago the duo adopted an ethic of ‘Community is Key’. We have worked closely with the City of Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam to try and ensure a win-win at events like Canada Day celebrations, car shows, and Grand Prix cycling events. The Giggle Dam does its best to support the many charitable foundations that ask for donations and have performed for free at various events including the recent Terry Fox Hometown Run. In 2015, it created and hosted a fundraiser for the businesses that did not survive the fire next door to its building.

Tirecraft Port Coquitlam

TIRECRAFT is a proudly Canadian owned and operated expert in tires and automotive service. Its group of high-quality dealerships extends across the country, addressing Canadians’ tire needs and automotive issues. Last year, Tirecraft Port Coquitlam was nominated for Business of the Year (1-10 employees), since then the company has brought on 6 new employees, 2 new services trucks, and 2 new sales trucks. Its business growth can be attributed to the continued commitment to great customer service.

It offers an extensive range of products and services is backed by our superior warranty, meaning you can rely on TIRECRAFT for trustworthy advice, honest suggestions and competitive prices. Its goal is to ensure that every customer leaves feeling that they’ve been valued and treated with the utmost respect. Employees want everyone that is served to be 100% satisfied with the work and advice they receive.