Expert Article | 5 Tips to Make your Website WORK



Remember you are building an online business, not a website. Keep these things in mind: fulfillment, support/customer service, payment gateway, and integration with other systems. Most people fall into the trap of spending much of their time on the branding – the look and feel – rather than plan for the website as a functional part of their business.

2. SEO

DO NOT get sucked into SEO (search engine optimization) before you are ready! You don’t want to bring traffic to your website before you are ready to interact with the traffic (would you invite people over to your house if you have no chairs out yet?). Check your Google Analytics – if your “bounce rate” is above 40% you don’t want traffic!


Have a way to measure your website’s ROI. Whether you build it yourself or have to pay to have it created, it’s worth the investment! From then, always ask yourself: “How do I measure the performance of my website? Is it the number of leads I’ll get? Or the number of clicks on an ad or offer? What is my cost per lead or per transaction?”


Always have a call to action on your homepage. Ask yourself: when people come to my website, what exactly am I going to ask them to do there?. REMEMBER: The call-to-action must be above the fold, this means that it must be visible to the user without the user having to scroll down.


Optimize your website and its hosting/infrastructure for speed. No one will wait for your state-of-the-art website design until it loads! Most people will leave before it loads and never come back.

Amr Selim “The Internet Guy”
Co-founder & Customer Success Champion
HumanTalents Canada