Expert Article | 5 Tips to Downsize Your Home

Don’t we sometimes have life conversations with business clients that develop into meaningful life relationships? Of course we do! And in life and as we age, we may hear our clients desire wanting to downsize, spending less time managing their home and more time experiencing life! It can certainly be a stressful ordeal as some may have lived in their home for many years accumulating numerous “life-long memories”. Although this may not be your arena of expertise, here are some tips you can provide to help them ease their downsizing concerns.

Take Inventory

Before packing everything, your client should take a realistic approach to what they should bring to their new home. This includes:

  • Locate duplicate items – Less is better.
  • Sift through the pantry identifying food items that have expired.
  • Donate items that have not been used in over a year to a non-profit organization.

The fewer items they carry into their new life, the less frustration it will be in the long run when they unpack.

Measure Your Furniture

Knowing that space is limited in their new home, not every furniture piece may fit in the smaller space. Recommend grabbing a measuring tape for any large piece items and simulate in their new home if it will fit. This will help them plan out their move and if they may need to buy something smaller that will fit.

Sell Your Belongings

Saying goodbye to objects is sometimes good for the soul, especially one’s that still have some selling value. There are many ways to sell these days, they include:

  • Yard sale
  • Sell online – Craigslist /
  • Online auction – People can bid on your items.
  • FREE STUFF – Put them on the curb with a sign saying it is free

Maximize Your Storage Potential

Before moving into their home, recommend assessing their storage situation, from their kitchen, bathroom to their closets. Many people tend to move in and “just live with what they got” when in fact there are solutions that can increase storage and improve accessibility. Beyond just downsizing, life should be made enjoyable in their new home.

Netflix – Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

If your client has Netflix, they can search for the show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Professional organizer Marie Kondo shot to fame with her New York Times bestselling book Life-changing Magic: A Journal : Spark Joy Every Day and has her Netflix show with numerous tips on how to get organized! At the end of the day, just remind your client that it is “just stuff”. What’s most important is to ensure the quality of life they desire can be achieved by having “enough stuff” in their new home and go out there and enjoy new life experiences.

Joseph Choi, Director, Customer Happiness & Creator of Happier Spaces