Expert Article | Best Oil for Cooking


Many of us know the health benefits of using fresh, extra virgin olive oil for salads or simply dipping your favourite bread into, but what about cooking?

A popular myth is that you can’t cook with olive oil. It is said to have a low “smoke point” – the temperature at which an oil breaks down and smokes, causing harmful by-products. But it turns out this is not true. The myth probably came about as a result of tests on olive oils that weren’t as pure as advertised – typically cut with lower quality oils to improve profits.

When using real, tested extra-virgin olive oil, you can cook at temperatures up to 210ºC/410ºF or more if the oil has a low percentage of free-fatty acid. In fact, while the allowable limit for an extra virgin oil is 0.8%, Olive the Best’s Chiquitita variety has 1/10th of that and was tested in our kitchen up to 227ºC/440ºF!

So, now that you know you can cook with olive oil, there is a world of exciting options to explore. The oil you choose not only provides a healthy medium to cook with, but also can provide complementary flavours that will earn you the reputation as a master home chef!

For example, our Tuscan Herb olive oil is made by combining extra virgin olive oil with a selection of Italian seasonings, making it ideal for roast chicken or potatoes. Similarly, Milanese Gremolata adds a touch of lemon zest making it perfect for cooking salmon. Persian Lime brings exotic flavour to a prawn stir-fry and Mushroom & Sage olive oil will have your friends thinking your risotto or pasta was flown in from an Italian restaurant!

To learn more about oil and food pairings, please visit our website at or drop by our tasting room to experience the 50+ flavours we have available.

Daniela Hammond, Olive The Best