Such a rustic piece of material with a timeless appeal, brick creates such a successful accent wall and backdrop to any interior. Brick has been a much sought about texture that has found itself in Interior Design not just as a building material but also as a beautiful piece of rustic country or European backdrop. Using it in a kitchen gives the space such a unique “outside-brought-inside” look.

6 very popular areas in a kitchen where brick is used:

1. Arched doors to the kitchen
2. Back-splash behind cooktop
3. A complete wall behind a bank of cabinets for a Focal Point
4. Arched brick accent for a kitchen hood
5. Bar area wall surface to give it a pub look & feel

Different “Finishing Techniques” using bricks are applied to rooms in many different ways to create unique looks. Some very popular ways that can be done are 1.Creating patterns as a Herringbone, Zigzag or Spiral used as back-splash (the space on the wall surface between upper and lower cabinets), 2.Painted brick look, 3.Mottles to create a worn out and weathered look, 4.Brick tiles used as regular tiles to give the desired effect, 5.Charred Cinder Blocks to make it look as salvages from a fire ravaged area but still maintaining the integrity of the product!

Some effects with brick that Interior Designers have tried to create and crave to create are: New York Soho loft feel, Mediterranean Look, Traditional Paver Look, Contemporary Look with paint or stain, Craftsman style & look (mostly found on the North American West Coast), Industrial Boston Look, English Victorian Brick look (most times with a big bush of English Roses).

Using a good installer for creating a brick wall is very important. Using Hardy Board on the wall or a material that can take the weight of bricks is the most important criteria to remember. When a brick wall is applied, the idea is to use thin brick pieces, or a brick veneer. Either way the look achieved will be kind of similar, but real brick will always have a real look.

Other cost effective ways to use brick look are: Brick Wallpaper, Brick Paneling, Brick Drywall, Brick Veneers, Brick Stencils.  These methods also make it possible for DIY projects if you want to create the look yourself.

Reena Venkatesh
Seasonal Leaf Designs