Expert Article | Five Reasons You Need To Take Control of Your Brand

“Brand” is a term that you hear often in business, but seldom is it used correctly. Much more than simply a logo, a brand is the way in which a business is perceived by the public and by other businesses. A thoughtfully made and well-crafted logo is essential, but a logo is only one component of several equally important factors that form a brand. Careful consideration of all factors is critical to ensure the desired perception is being generated.

Beyond eye-catching and meaningful colours, graphics, and other visual aspects, we must also consider language. Writing, not just on a website, but every text, email and project proposal sent out all contribute to a brand’s perception. Speaking style, the tone of voice and phone etiquette are essential contributors as well. These are all crucial factors in how a business is perceived by its audience.

If you run a company, or if you own your own business, whether you know it or not, you already have a brand. It’s in your name. Is it clear, or confusing? It’s in your storefront. Is it clean and well maintained, or is the paint chipped and faded? It’s on your website. Is it easy to use and full of relevant information, or has it not been updated since 2011?

These are some classic examples of brand neglect, and if your business isn’t feeling the impact of these kinds of negative impressions yet, it will. It’s time to take control of perceptions and unlock the power of your brand.

Here are five reasons you should to take control of how your business is perceived. A professionally guided and thoughtfully built brand will:


1. Provide Focus to Your Business
Concretely defining the values of your business clarifies who you are and why you are different. They become the guiding principles for every decision you make for your business. Good branding reflects these values, raising employee moral and providing a symbol of pride to rally behind.

2. Enhance Perceptions
Solid branding highlights your strengths and can elevate your business. Enhancing and accelerating the growth of your company by presenting as larger and more solidly established.

3. Improve Recognition
A cohesive and distinct visual identity imbued with authentic meaning and purpose will make your audience notice and remember. Embrace the power of consistent repetition to build awareness of your company.

4. Build Trust
Consistent behaviour and appearance makes your audience comfortable. There is a feeling that your brand has always been there and always will be. Repeatedly meeting and exceeding expectations is the key to forging lasting connections with them.

5. Add Value
A strong and trusted brand is a valuable asset that is considered during valuation, sale or acquisition of your business. The company with a well known and well respected brand will always be worth more to prospective buyers than a similar company without one.

Your brand has the power to make or break your business. It is risky to neglect and requires vigilant, ongoing maintenance and investment to ensure it steadily grows and flourishes. In the right hands, a professionally planned and carefully constructed brand, with ongoing consultation and support, will provide you with a powerful asset in the success of your business in both the short term, and more importantly, the long term.


Ryan Lawrie, Director
Steady Studio