Work Smarter, Not Harder – How to Attain Your Health Goals Without Burning Out or Giving Up

How many times have all of us felt exhilarating rush or excitement about our latest “Get in Shape Health Plan”?

It’s a great feeling! We make a health plan, write it all down, tell our friends, post on social media and then…..

  1. We get through week one and the weekend hits and “socializing gets in the way”.
  2. We decide to start “tomorrow” for the next 10 days.
  3. We stick to the plan for 2-3 weeks but then get exhausted by the excessive effort.

We’ve all felt the pain of falling off-track. Here are a few tips that can help you stay on track!

  1. START OFF SLOW. We all want to go at our first week of workouts as hard as we can! I recommend starting at about 80% intensity and do not feel like you have to work out every day. Starting with 3 days and week and building up to no more than 6 days at most. Workouts don’t all need to be an hr long either. You can do quick 20 mins hits a couple times a week a 2-3 longer sessions that run closer to 1 hr.  You want to create a lifestyle that you can maintain. Once you have that, you can make small adjustments to fine tune your results.
  2. Tackle your diet and your exercise SEPARATELY. Although both parts are very important, trying to make huge diet changes and workout changes at the same time can be overwhelming. Start with workouts and just make note of what you eat the first week. After that, pick on the dietary change that you want to adapt and stick to that until it becomes a habit.
  3. GET A COACH! Having someone else do the planning and thinking for you can relieve a lot of stress. This will also ensure that you are continuously challenging yourself. There is nothing worse that trying to do it all on your own, not seeing results and then feeling like “being fit just isn’t something you can do”. The best coaches have their own coaches, so don’t ever think that you should have to do it on your own! It takes a village!
  4. SLEEP! Without proper sleep, your brain can’t function properly and your body will not want to get rid of excess fat. Getting to bed by 10 pm on a regular basis seems to do the trick for most adults. This will help you avoid the mid-afternoon exhaustion and cravings.
  5. EAT REAL FOOD. No low fat, sugar-free garbage. Eat healthy fats like avocados and nuts. The body needs fat to lose fat. You will also want to have protein with every meal and don’t beat yourself up if you have a bit of dessert or a weekend of less than optimal eating! Just get back on track as fast as you can. Most importantly, you MUST eat after you workout. This is a very important window of time where your body is able to absorb nutrients to replenish and repair itself in order to have enough energy for rest of the day and the next day’s workout!

For more information about staying on track, contact Caroline Mundell from Function Health Club Function Health Clubat .

Caroline Mundell
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