Feature Member | Ann Zizka – MacDonald Realty Ltd.

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Ann Zizka is there to help you when you make the big decision to buy or sell a home. She is a real estate professional who will look out for your best interest and who will be by your side every step of the way.  Your real estate professional has a huge impact on whether or not your home sells quickly, how much you get for your property, and your experience throughout the process. And, in the case of a buyer, whether or not you find the right home at the right time and at the right price.  That’s exactly what Ann can do for her clients.


What is your favorite thing about what you do?

The bottom line is to make my clients happy and I strive to accomplish this each time, with each real estate transaction. I love to innovate, create effective tactics and strategies to deliver results that exceed my clients’ expectations – my clients are happy which is my main motivator.


What’s one thing you would like people to know about your business?

If I had to choose only one thing it is that I pride myself to actively showcase and strategically market homes to sell at their top market value.


How did you get into this business?

My background is in the service industry and years ago, prior to becoming a real estate professional, I would spend countless hours daily searching homes and studying various neighborhoods just for fun, as a hobby.  Well, this hobby developed into a true passion and along with my strong commitment to helping others and thriving on meeting new people, a real estate career was a perfect match for me.  I can say today that I am so fortunate to have found my vocation.


Ann Zizka