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Business owners hire Bloom Business Development to unleash their inner CEO. Lisa van Reeuwyk is the Principal Owner and Coach. She helps people get crystal clear on what matters most to them and build their empire around those non-negotiables. Through a collaborative process, she coaches her clients to increase revenues, cut through the chaos and live, work and play having way more fun. Through 121 coaching, workshops and public speaking she is able to break down the bigger picture into actionable (and fun) bite-sized pieces.


What is your favourite thing about what you do?

When I see a client make the shift into being fully committed, clear and confident, that really lights me up. The biggest obstacle in front of a person’s success is their limiting beliefs. Part of my job is to rip those “weeds” out of the garden to allow space for that purpose-driven path to emerge and bloom.


What are your most popular service?

My 121 business development coaching is my most popular service.


Who is your ideal customer/client?

My ideal client is an established service-based business owner such as hair salon owners, chiropractors, dieticians, realtors or niche services who are seeking greater visibility for their brand and are struggling to position themselves with authority.


What’s one thing you would like people to know about your business?

Life is so unpredictable and I wish people wouldn’t wait for something bad to happen before really investing in their bigger dreams and desires. The most successful people in the world work with a coach, so I encourage you to find someone you trust and respect, be vulnerable with them and go forward courageously.


What tip would you give to someone who is starting a business?

I would make two strong recommendations, one is to ask for help and secondly to get out and network.  If you want to stay small in your business keep doing everything yourself. Having a strong network allows others to refer, advise and mentor you. Many entrepreneurs are slow to get out and network and that is a critical error.


Lisa van Reeuwyk, Principal & Coach
Bloom Business Development