Feature Member | COBS Bread Sunwood Square

At COBS Bread Sunwood Square, everything we do is about being YOUR local bakery! We live in Coquitlam, we hire from the Tri-Cities area, our Wheat is harvested and milled in Canada, and we bake our products fresh from scratch every single day! Every night, local charities pick up our unsold products and distribute them to those in need, and we also support many schools and organizations in the community through Fundraising activities and product donations.

We have a large selection of products to suit everyday needs, as well as those occasions that require something special! We incorporate healthy options (such as Whole Grains and Chia seeds) as well as indulgences (such as Cinnamon Buns and Scones), sweets, savories, artisan breads, and so much more.

One of my favourite things to do is to share recipe ideas with our customers, whether that be in the store at the time of purchase, at a local event, or through our online connections with Facebook (COBS Bread Sunwood Square) and Instagram (@sunwoodcobs). As the main cook in the house, I’m always trying out new ways of using our products to accompany our everyday needs, and our occasional treats! Just thinking about using our Cinnamon Loaf to make French Toast is making me hungry!

As any small business owner knows, making connections in the community greatly increases your chances of success. Over the years, we’ve connected with our community in various ways, such as joining the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. Moving forward we will be looking for new ways to connect!

So why not connect with us and make our community part of your community!