FEATURE MEMBER | Community Fire Prevention



Community Fire Prevention is a locally owned and operated Fire Inspection and Installation Company. We conduct annual fire inspections of local businesses, residential, and commercial strata’s. We have also opened an electrical division, fire sprinkler division, and recently and Emergency Preparedness division in which we build custom commercial and residential Earthquake kit solutions.

Tell us about your proudest moment?Community Fire Prevention, Tri-CitiesLooking back on the past 9 years it’s been pretty amazing how far our company has come, especially since we are strictly a service-based company. We don’t manufacture or innovate any specialty devices, equipment, or technology, so to me it says a lot about our growth and the level of service we offer clients. At this point now, I’m proud of watching our staff and their families expanding and growing over time and knowing that Community Fire plays a small part in that by being able to provide full-time positions

What is your most popular service?
Our most popular new service has certainly been the expansion of our Emergency Preparedness Division. We will go in and assess each business on an individual basis, and then create a completely custom tailored package to fit their work environment.

Brett Johnston, Owner, Community Fire Prevention