Who: Douglas College Foundation
What: A non-profit helping students achieve their education goals for over 30 years
Where: www.douglascollege.ca

Douglas College is the largest degree-granting college in British Columbia. The Douglas College Foundation was founded in 1985, inspired by philanthropy and the belief in the importance of education for individuals, for the community and for society. The Foundation assists up to 1800 students each year through bursaries, awards and scholarships.

A Douglas College education combines the best of both worlds – the academic foundations of a university and the career-ready skills of a college. Over 500 classes at Douglas College transfer to top research universities across Canada. In addition, their programs add an applied-skills element; ensuring students get the real-life experiences they need to succeed in the workplace.

Douglas College aims to provide the most relevant and inspiring undergraduate experience in BC. Encouraging you to DO what you love, the Foundation provides support for practicum placements, academic assistance and assists students in landing that all-important first job.

Hazel Postma