Who: Fremont Eye Centre

What: Your all-in-one optometry shop

Where: Port Coquitlam, www.fremonteyecentre.com

Feature Member | Fremont Eye CentreAt Fremont Eye Centre, your eyes are their first priority. The optometrist team provides professional and thorough eye exams using the latest, state of the art equipment. Optical consultant works closely with the optometrists to find your ideal pair of glasses, considering look, budget and your eye health needs.

Beyond eye exams, Fremont Eye Centre provides a number of eye-related services including; dry eye consultations, eyelash enhancements, nearsightedness control and a large eyewear gallery. The Tiffany & Co. collection is one of the most popular options, known for their classy designs. Looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses? Maui Jim styles are the most popular because of their reputable optics and clarity, not to mention, the sleek style. Customers enjoy the blue-light blocking lenses that protect their eyes from harmful blue light; especially if they spend a lot of time in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Patients are viewed as partners and Fremont Eye Centre values working with partners who live a pro-active lifestyle. Clients that follow treatment plans, dietary or lifestyle recommendations see better results. Fremont Eye Centre is then able to look after their eyes more effectively and holistically.

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Dr. Clement Chan