Who: 360 Degrees Management Consulting

What: Business transformation through consultation

Where: Coquitlam, www.360degreesconsultants.org

Mark Fitzsimmons is the President of 360 Degrees Management Consulting. He specializes in assisting companies develop and adopt strategies that strengthen quality, improve client outcomes and reduce operating costs. 360 Degrees Management Consulting works with clients to provide data based solutions for the issues preventing them from achieving their goals by bringing excellence to the way employees perform their work, and the impact it has on the customer experience.

Mark’s  journey into the consulting business was driven by his passion for creating organizational change and cultural transformations to drive profitable customer loyalty.

360 Degrees Management Consulting helps clients differentiate themselves from their competitors by improving internal operations and creating a unique customer experience. Their ideal client is any organization which is committed to continuous improvement and which recognizes an objective third party with specialized expertise can help them.

If your business is ready for a change in the right direction, contact Mark!

Mark Fitzsimmons
360 Degrees Management Consulting