Who: Ceiba Tree Yoga

What: Bringing wellness to the workplace.

Where: www.ceiba-tree-yoga.com

At Ceiba Tree yoga, I offer a variety of yoga styles to accommodate every need – from gentle/restorative classes to sweaty power classes and everything in between.  My specialty is bringing yoga into the workplace, where you can see what yoga is like before heading into a studio for a regular class.

Taking a break in the day to do yoga is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress, which will help to gain focus, increase productivity and make better decisions. The pressure of the work environment has cost businesses well over $250 billion dollars a year in employee absenteeism, low moral and productivity, accidents and turnover – all which can be improved with a happier and healthier work environment where employees wellness is a priority. When people slow down and take time out to do yoga, they leave feeling so good – recharged, renewed, reenergized.  It feels good to give that to others.

I offer a range of options for yoga – a full class with yoga mats, a boardroom stretch, to an outdoor team building adventure weaving the elements of yoga, meditation, outdoor recreation and nature. I am mobile and want to help you create unique and amazing benefits for your employees and workplace.

Contact me so we can discuss a custom program to suit the needs of your business and staff.

Shannon, Ceiba Tree Yoga