Who: Coquitlam Foundation

What: The charitable heart of Coquitlam

Where: Coquitlam, www.coquitlamfoundation.com

Feature Member | Coquitlam FoundationThe Coquitlam Foundation was founded by an act of the B.C. Legislature in 1992, the Coquitlam Foundation has served the community continuously for 23 years.  Our mission is to encourage and support creative, targeted philanthropy that builds a vibrant, sustainable, and healthy community.

We distribute grants, scholarships and bursaries to worthy students and community organizations.  Foundation support goes to areas including youth and seniors, health delivery and support, community services, public safety, people at risk, education, heritage, the environment and arts and culture.

The Foundation manages some $2.7 Million in assets, enabling us to award over $160,000 this past year. The establishment of donor-advised funds managed by the Coquitlam Foundation provides an effective way for charities and individuals to steward their resources and accomplish their philanthropic goals.

Simply put, the Foundation helps people invest their charitable dollars rather than “just giving it away”. It serves as a vehicle for caring citizens who want to provide a benefit to our community in perpetuity.  The Foundation’s success depends on the ongoing support from our various donors, sponsors and volunteers.

On November 14th, we will be hosting our annual fundraising event “Kickin’ it Country”. Support our community through good fun, good food, good work!

Looking to invest your charitable dollars? Check out Coquitlam Foundation.

Jill Cook, Executive DirectorFeature Member | Coquitlam Foundation