Who: Flaunt your Frenchness

What: The celebration of francophone culture

Where: Coquitlam, www.flauntyourfrenchness.ca

Feature Member | Flaunt Your FrenchnessFlaunt your Frenchness invites you to celebrate all that is French in you! Whether it’s love for the culture and traditions, the various linguistic expressions, the culinary trends, the artistic treasures and references or many other features.

The region of Greater Vancouver has a lot to offer between its restaurants, activities and excursions, which is why Flaunt your Frenchness partners with many businesses and events, such as BC Uncorked, bakeries, and artists living in the province. This initiative is accessible anywhere, anytime as there is no end to experiencing the joy of Francophone cultures.

Every week, the campaign sends a short newsletter in which everybody can find inspiration. The campaign was launched a few months ago to take amazing proportions and Flaunt your Frenchness is now looking forward for the Tri-Cities businesses to come on board and join the fun!

For those who have not yet experienced a typical French-Canadian affair, attending the Festival du Bois in Coquitlam might be the perfect first step. See you in there either on March 4, 5 or 6th.

Societe francophone de MaillardvilleFeature Member | Flaunt Your Frenchness