Who: Freshii

What: Your quick, fresh and nutritious alternative

Where: Suter Brook, www.freshii.com

Suter Brook’s newest addition, Freshii, has just opened its doors. This is the first location in the Tri-Cities, and they are ready to help you make the healthy choice. The franchise started off in 2005 in Toronto and has spread across the globe with locations in Dubai, Chicago and Vienna.

Father-daughter team, Carly and Alex Barnetson, are excited to join the Tri-Cities community. They are passionate about the health conscious restaurant and are looking forward to bringing healthy alternatives to Suter Brook Village.

Freshii aims to provide fresh and nutritious meal choices to energize people on the go. More greens, less preservatives! Ready to go meals and snacks are prepared for you daily. Fibre-rich, slow-burning carbs, essential fats and lean proteins rule the menu. The snacks are not static, at Freshii, everything is customizable. Enjoy a custom-made green wrap, salad, quinoa bowl or a fresh pressed juice.

Not only does Freshii focus on providing a healthy-option for you, they have also implemented Earth conscious procedures. ‘Mission Green’ involves eliminating excess packaging, heavy energy consumption and greasy processed meals. Everything in their store either biodegrades naturally or is easily recyclable.  Shaking your meal in a biodegradable bag meansFreshii produces 5 to 7 times less of a carbon footprint than running a dishwasher

On the go and need a quick bite? Stop in Suter Brook for your healthy alternative.

Carly Barnetson
Freshii Suter Brook