Who: Jeff Borden | Certified General Accountant

What: Your customized tax specialists

Where: Coquitlam, bordencga.com

In business, confidence is the key to success. An expert will give you the confidence that everything is going right from the start. As a business owner, it is important to recognize that it’s impossible to do everything yourself. Engage in conversation with an expert and you could save more than it costs: prevent costly mistakes and don’t waste hours of time researching on your own.

As a Certified General Accountant, I provide personalized service to small business owners and their families to help them grow their business and their personal wealth. This includes making sure businesses are run efficiently and effectively, and that business and personal finances are planned and structured to minimize total taxes, maximizing income and growth of wealth. I help clients from end to end, starting from bookkeeping through business management and analyses, to financial statements and corporate tax preparation, to planning and preparing their personal and family income and taxes.

The best part of being an accountant is helping solve problems. People drown in the volume of information, laws and regulations around operating a business, finances and taxation. I love being able to apply my knowledge, skills and experience so business owners can get back to business.

Tax season is coming to a close, if you need some last minute help, give me a call!

Jeff Borden
Certified General Accountant