Who: Jordan Birch | Executive Advisor

What: Your personal “de-stressor”, organizer and prioritizer

Where: Port Moody, www.everythingitis.com

Feature Member | Jordan BirchWhy do most high-performing individuals, ultimately end up burning the candle at both ends?! The main problem is that they think everything is important except what’s really important. Eventually these people are going to burn out and hurt themselves in some way. Imagine if there was a way to accomplish everything you wanted to without burning out, allowing you to perform at high levels, and never neglect what is truly important.

Jordan works with successful high performing individuals that are on the verge of burning out. He provides a way to accomplish all the things they want to and usually, with less effort. This gives them the ability to become more productive and efficient without ever burning out (no matter how hard they try).

The “getting started” product consists of 5 customized sessions, specifically created to identify and disconnect stressors/triggers thatFeature Member | Jordan Birch cause a high-performing individual to push themselves to unhealthy limits. By disconnecting these stressors/triggers it allows the client to begin to change how they approach their day-to-day activities and increase their performance and efficiency while staying calm, cool and collective.

The success of your business is directly proportional to your ability to cope with the trials and tribulations of building it. Let Jordan help you prioritize so your business will succeed.

Jordan Birch, Executive Advisor