Who: Montridge Financial Group
What: Your employee benefits and pension partners
Where: Vancouver, www.montridge.com

Many firms can design employee benefits and pension plans on your behalf, but Montridge makes sure that you have the right plan – for your company and your employees. They take the time to listen and to really understand what you need. Then they develop a comprehensive strategy based on their experience, access to the best providers and the specific needs and expectations of your organization.

The professionals at Montridge know that employers have neither the time nor the inclination to become benefit and pension experts, so they fill that role for you. When you put your plans in their hands, they provide an all-inclusive suite of services that’s tailored specifically to your company and its employees. And they make sure that your plan is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do – year after year.

Montridge Financial offers convenience, value, personalized service and an extremely knowledgeable team. Your employee benefit and pension needs are all met in one place. You save time and money (and sanity) knowing that they will ensure everything coordinates properly.

Preet Pall, GBA