Who: Tracy Price RBC Wealth Management Team

What: Wealth management strategist

Where: Coquitlam, www.tracyprice.ca

The Tracy Price Wealth Management Team acts as your trusted family advisor, developing a life-long and multi-generational wealth management strategy. The team provides services for integrated investment, retirement, tax, and estate planning with financial asset protection based on your vision, your life and your needs.

The best part of being on the Wealth Management Team is pulling the various pieces of a clients’ complicated financial world together into a cohesive picture and providing a strategy that actually makes sense to them.  Creating a clear path is essential to the success of your personal wealth management.

Working in the Tri-Cities is a large benefit as Tracy is able to work, live and play, all in her own life-long, local backyard. Having combined raising a family, community involvement and a business within the same community has helped establish her commitment, reputation and business within the area. Being able to create local connections and strengthen relationships is imperative to growing a successful wealth management team.

Our extensive services include; financial and estate plans, discretionary investment strategy and asset protection and insurance coverage.

Organize your wealth and steer your life towards your financial goals with Tracy Price.

Tracy Price, RBC Wealth Management Team