Who: Société francophone de Maillardville

What: Promotes and fosters the French-Canadian culture

Where: Coquitlam, www.festivaldubois.ca

Founded in 1983, Société francophone de Maillardville (SFM) is a non-profit organization that was formed by combining 11 existing francophone associations serving the francophone community of about 13,000 people. The Society primarily offers services and activities in French to promote the language, on top of enhancing and fostering the French-Canadian culture.

Most Tri-Cities residents and business owners know about the organization through our most prominent event, the Festival du Bois. The Festival is the largest and best-attended francophone festival west of the Rockies, with about 12,000 attendees every year.  It is a fun, family-friendly community event where French-Canadian heritage is celebrated.

We welcome everyone to The Society. People generally think that our community is mainly francophone, but that is far from true. Most of our members are interested in languages and want to embrace cultural diversity. A large portion of our community, students, members and partners are Anglophone, Iranian, Chinese, Arabic, Indian, Persian and more. Francophiles are those who make our Festival du Bois bigger every year!

From February 26 through March 1 help us celebrate the French-Canadian heritage and culture.

Sabrina, Société francophone de Maillardville