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Former Architect Certified in Bioclimatic Architecture, co-owner of a construction company for over 17 years, Gina migrated to Canada 5 years ago and facing her immigration process gave her the opportunity to reinvent herself so she decided to move from Architecture to Life Skills Coaching, where she takes the methodology and creative strategies designers and constructors use to solve complex problems to meet people’s needs and implement that to her coaching practice to help people explore and plan strategies for success. She’s also certified on Emotional Intelligence and Founder at Gettinginsight.com where through tailored workshops, talks and/or one-on-one coaching sessions, Gina helps immigrant women better understand how their immigration process impacts their lives and the family dynamics. Using Emotional Intelligence as her tool, she helps women develop self and social awareness in order for them to become more skilled at self-management, self-care as well as in developing happier, healthier relationships and meaningful connections at home and at work.


Life Skills Coach, Emotional Intelligence