Feature Member | The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre

Quick Pitch

The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre is the best-kept entertainment secret in the lower mainland. Think of Saturday Night Live… with DINNER. Think of a rock concert… with DINNER. Think of a mind-blowing, 4-hour blend of politically incorrect, interactive LIVE musical comedy, an eight-piece LIVE show band and LIVE Vegas-worthy celebrity impersonations…with DINNER. We’re different. We’re the only one. We have way too much fun. We are the best entertainment value in town. You should join us.

How did you get into “showbiz”?

As actors and entertainers, we wanted to create a place where we could practice our craft, get paid, and not have to travel. Our experience at other theatres was the platform that led to us wanting to create a ‘theatre’ for people who didn’t necessarily love ‘thea-tuh’ (you have to say that last bit with a snobby English accent).

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

We are LUCKY to watch people smile. Constantly. Some emails we get from customers have literally left us in tears when we find out some of their stories and just WHY they needed a good laugh. It truly IS great medicine. We get back great happiness through giving it.

Tell us about your proudest moment?

One that comes to mind is the story of Tiny. Tiny was an older gentleman that came with a group about 10 years ago. We received an email from one of his friends the next day letting us know that they had a most terrific time. The email went on to explain that Tiny had just been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and they hadn’t seen him smile since the diagnosis. They were so thankful for that evening. A year later they all showed up one night but without Tiny. He had passed away. They came to celebrate the last time they saw him smile the night away, which was the year before with us. They come every year. We were pretty much overcome. Our customers aren’t ‘just customers’.

Shiela Sharma & Brad Lovell