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Imagine Laserworks uses Low-Level Laser Light (LLLT) and Bio-Electrical stimulation in the form of laser acupuncture to help people manage health issues such as nicotine addiction, drug and alcohol addiction, weight management, stress, depression, and anxiety, to name a few.  It is a drugless, painless, non-invasive, and very effective complimentary, therapy.


What is your favourite thing about what you do?

As a psychological counselor, I am able to use my skills when working with clients.  While Imagine Laserworks does not provide formal counseling services, my training and my experience with addictions help me to provide direction and strategies for our clients.


What are your most popular products or services? 

The most requested service is Smoking Cessation. Imagine Laserworks has helped thousands of people all over Canada and internationally quit smoking. Other most often requested treatments are stress, depression, and anxiety. Many people suffer from these issues today with very little time to relax and recharge.  As well, we do many treatments for alcohol and drug addictions for clients who need help managing withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and mood issues. Laser therapy is a very effective support during recovery from substance abuse.


What is the best-kept secret about your products/services? 

Low-Level Laser is a painless, non-invasive and natural way to improve a variety of health issues.  It is a complementary treatment, meaning that it does not replace other supportive healthcare but adds an additional option of care.  It harnesses the body’s natural ability to produce the chemicals in the brain that leave us with a feeling of well-being and relaxation.   Many of our clients seek on-going support as in the case of addiction relapse or any client who wants laser support to maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Tonda Chin, MS, LPC, CLT
Imagine Laserworks-Coquitlam