Who: Sunlife Financial – Ksenia Savostyanova
What: Your full service insurance provider
Where: www.sunlife.ca/ksenia.savost’yanova

Are you prepared for a drastic change? Ksenia will help protect you, your loved ones and your savings during unexpected events. By developing a close relationship and asking the tough questions, Ksenia is able to create a strategy best suited to meet your needs.

Ksenia was met with many challenges when she moved from Russia several years ago. Learning a new language and way of life helped shape Ksenia to where she is now – a proud insurance professional helping clients become financially secure. Working in the Tri-Cities has provided so many opportunities as Ksenia has been able to connect to a great network of individuals.

Sunlife offers a variety of services including life insurance, critical illness, long term care, disability coverage, extended health care, group benefits, travel insurance, insurance for children and wealth and retirement management. Ksenia will work closely with you to ensure that you are set up with the best plan based on your goals.

Ready for a coverage plan that’s fit for you? Call Ksenia at Sunlife Financial.

Ksenia Savostyanova