Who: Lethologica Creative Consulting
What: Local wordsmith and marketing powerhouse
Where: Port Moody, www.lethologicacc.ca

“Lethologica”, the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon when you can’t quite get the word out. This creative consulting company will find the words for you!

Lethologica is a full-service website agency developing effective and comprehensive website strategies to turn their clients’ website visitors into customers. They also provide maintenance subscriptions to keep websites running smoothly, giving clients peace of mind and time so they can focus on running their business.

Many people only know Lethologica for their photography or web design but their skilled and experienced team can meet all your digital marketing needs, from content writing to search engine optimization, from graphic design to marketing.

Lethologica is your only Tri-Cities HubSpot partner website agency trained in the myriad aspects of inbound marketing proven to make a positive difference in lead generation, customer conversion, and sales. Many people don’t know that creating an effective website is about more than looking slick and modern. As a HubSpot partner, they are well-versed in the tools of the trade that ensure you maximize your web presence and create a strong user experience.

Want your business to stand out amongst the crowd? Have Lethologica spice up your website!

Jennifer Homer
(604) 939.7228