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Low Entropy is non-profit that is making personal growth accessible to all, and in doing so providing people with tools to change themselves and the world.

No matter which facilitated programs you participate in, you’ll find a community of authentic, responsible people who will hold space for you and your experiences. Groups facilitated by Low Entropy are an opportunity for you to connect with like-minded, compassionate people who want to raise their level of consciousness and welcome diverse views.

My proudest moment happened last week when I came home from an intense meditation retreat… I had been away all weekend looking within and being held accountable for all my shortcomings, faults and flaws. I was feeling a bit deflated when I came home and opened my email. I proceeded to read an email from a consultant that we recently hired to help us with our messaging for Low Entropy. The consultant had spent the past two weeks

Low Entropy

interviewing various people from within our organization and she sent me a summary of what people had to say about Low Entropy. Here is a brief glimpse of the feedback she received when she asked people, what is “Low Entropy”:

  • A group where people come and love unconditionally. They try to love everyone and ask for nothing back; it’s a place of loving, giving, and like-minded people.
  • Low Entropy as a group, helps challenge each individual to be more loving and conscious of others.
  • It makes the world a better place to be in because of all the personal processes people go through.
  • Provides a space for people to go to and make connections with other people to have a more fulfilling life.
  • It creates a space for like-minded people to share and grow in awareness and it gives participants the opportunity to raise their level of consciousness to a more cooperative and loving perspective.
  • Low Entropy strives to raise the consciousness of humanity by going toward the path of love.

I continued to reaLow Entropyd the feedback from our community and tears came to my eyes as I felt an overwhelming of love and appreciation for the work we are doing. It was a confirmation, indicating that: “Yes, we are on the right path.”

Vanessa Wideski, Director